Dalit Gramin Vikas Sansthan (Regd.)

Registration Num: 1066/1995-1996


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Dalit Gramin Vikas Sansthan

Dalit Gramin Vikas Sansthan, pouring its sincere effort in realm of social and public service around more than one and half decade, we are pleasure immense by sailing our service and uplift downtrodden community gloriously.

DGVS is non profit organization working in field of especially training program on health, education and livelihood.

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What People Say About Us

  • Harsh Vardhan Singh - (Designer, NIFT)

    The Organization will flourish more and more since it is deeply involved in the welfare actions for the poor particularly the artisan community which was previously a constant victim of paucity of resources but not lacking in talents. I sincerely bid it all the best pray the almighty lord for its all round success.
  • Jayesh Prakash - (Designer, NIFT)

    DGVS is a certificate of security to the skills in arts and preservation of the employment opportunities to the people who are otherwise being discarded owing to the people who are otherwise being discarded owing to the lack of ample skills and facilities.
  • Swami Nem Pal - Ex Minister Bulandshehr, UP

    From its evolution to till date, the authorities of the Organization are sincerely dedicating themselves to the cause of empowering the dawn-trodden class of the people. This is surely a holy task to provide enough resources to the people of lower strata to enhance their talent.
  • Pramila Bhadwar - Ex Minister, UP.Govt.

    In the present times, the Organizations like DGVS are an urgent need of the hour. It is the voice of the talented but less favoured artisans. Old arts are being renovated continuously at the hands of DGVS authorities.
  • Bhagvan Singh Shakya - Ex minister UP Govt.

    This Organization is doing excellent executions of the orders of the Government. It has been proved a landmark in the social welfare programmes.

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