Dalit Gramin Vikas Sansthan (Regd.)

Registration Num: 1066/1995-1996


About us

DALIT GRAMIN VIKAS SANSTHAN (DGVS) was established way back in 1995 with a view to contribute towards the social , Education , cultural and economic development of the poor and downtrodden population in the area of its operation. Special emphases are provided to the raising of the living standard of the economic backward classes, children and women and help them live their life with dignity and respect. The organisation is trying to do this by taking necessary steps such as providing necessary trainings and access to the market of finished goods which enables them to be financially self-dependent.

The organisation was registered in the year 1995 under the Societies Registration Act 1861. It is also registered under FCRA 1976, under section 80G and 12A of Income Tax Act 1962 and various Govt. and Non Govt. Agencies like COHANDS, DIC Budaun, Director Viklang Kalyan Nideshalay Lucknow (UP),Min. of Micro Small and Mediam Enterprises(MSME) Govt. of India. The registered office of the organisation is based at Badaun, which also serves as its operational office. The administration and financial affairs are dealt with by office situated in Lucknow which also facilitates and smoothes the communication with other organisations, government departments and associates. The organisation is proud to have an unblemished track record and the appreciation it has received from the people of the area and organisations it has worked with Smooth.

Following the dictum of Welfare of all and keeping in view the angles and triangles of crystal clear patriotism and service to man, the organisation is progressing on the basis of Truth, Religion, Peace and Love. To protect the society overshadowed with struggle and darkness from evil customs is our sole motto. To perform the desired and indispensable deed is the purpose of this organisation. The organisation is continuously involved in the welfare programmes for the good of the society ridden with diverse dreads in the several states. The organisation is constantly working in social & cultural fields since 1995 in several states, various districts of the zone and particularly in Budaun where the Head office of the organisation is situated. In the present times, the service criterion of the organisation has developed more and more. The organisation has made a laudable attempt to bring out the voice of the exploited and tortured class entangled in the complex marsh of contemporary social problems and evil customs in the eye of the society in which the patrons and advisory committee of the organisation have given much contribution and whose multi dimensional creativity has waved the emotions of each class.

The broad outline of the functions of the organisation in the zone can be more cleared through the points written below:
  • The Organisation has kindles the light of knowledge in the far rural areas of the District and is continuously encouraging the children and adults to be educated.

  • The Organisation has provided free medical and health facilities through time to time tours in the villages and has created awareness for Pulse Polio, Aids and other similar programmes.

  • The Organisation has also made conciliation of several disputes of the members of the public, saving their time and litigation costs.

  • The Organisation also provides apt legal aid to the dependants of the deceased people.

  • The Organisation gives free consultancy to the youths for their upliftment.

  • The Organisation is attempting to empower the women economically by organizing the self help groups and also assisting the Government in this context by providing diverse facilities and support in the related field.

  • The Organisation facilitates a progressive platform for the social, political, cultural and economical development.

  • The Organisation also conduct programmes to prevent the environment pollution and make the public aware in this regard.

  • The Organisation provides complete add to the Government for the all round development of SC, ST, OBC, helpless widows and handicaps.

  • The Organisation is determined to develop the handicraft in all prospects and is continuously processing in this respect.

  • The Organisation helps in facilitating the information to the peasants about modern scientific methods of farming, seeds, fertilizers, herbs and agricultural equipments.

  • The Organisation also contributes in self-employment schemes and its related commercial activities, handicraft, small scale industrial schemes, technical education and communication technology.

  • The Organisation conducts diverse programmes on knitting, embroidery, sewing for the economic development of Dalit and Backward women.

  • The Organisation from time to time facilitates several social organisations for eye camps and other social activities.

  • The Organisation conducts awareness programmes for maternity benefits, child nourishment and women empowerment.

Thus, it is spick and span that the organisation is the powerful pillar of human welfare and with small streams of help from different quarters it is transforming into a tremendous Gangotry of multitudinous rivulets of cooperation


To provide equal opportunity to all social and economical backward classes and to preserve happiness in their life by means of providing education, training and opportunity to earn livelihood to live healthy and respectful life.


We educate. We get the word out on better life of all economical and social backward classes through brochures, fact sheets, public service announcements, newsletters, media campaigns, and special events, block level campaign, road shows, stage shows, Kawallis, the web and social media. Every year more than 1 million people read, hear or see our messages about awareness, education and government scheme.
We advocate. We work with government officials at the state, local and national levels - building grassroots advocacy movements and institutional partnerships that will improve our nation's public social, economic and health policies.
We train. We identify, train and certify adult and children's to earn their livelihood with respect and live healthy life.
We are in your community today. We improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousands through our community programs.


● Integrity
● Excellence
● Innovation

We work with/for:

● Children
● Adolescents
● Students
● Artisens/weavers
● Youth
● Dalits
● Farmers
● Old age / Elderly people
● Orphans, Semi Orphans, Street Children
● Tribals
● Disabled persons
● Women / Self Help groups (SHGs)

We are committed to:

● The society by making a sustainable difference in life of the unskilled, uneducated and economical weak people by providing training, education and opportunity.

● The Donors by making judicious use of funds
● Other NGOs in helping them achieving their goals
● Our Members to develop their skills in this field so that they can take higher responsibility in the organization.

Contact & Email

Head Office: Geeta Bhawan,
Razi Chowk,
Budaun (U.P)


Email: info@dgvs.co.in